GIFA 2019. Pioneers

GIFA 2019. Pioneers

"Ingetech was created to make life better" (Sergey Bogushevich)

That is why we are pioneers in many things. And this time we were the first Russian manufacturer of patterns at GIFA. For us it was also the first international fair at which we exhibited.

Once upon a time in 2011 we visited GIFA for the first time. That event became for us a determinate factor. Before this trip our company was in progress by her own. And GIFA showed that we were in trend, we just needed some new equipment and  more experience. This year we were as exhibitor here.

It was an interesting experience. It was not as difficult as we thought it must be. Surprisingly people know us. There were many meetings with international suppliers, clients, casters. 

We were happy to meet our colleagues from different countries - Bosko (Czech Respublic), PIB extra (Croatia), MTM Modele (Poland), Acme tools (India), SB-Meissner (Germany), W.Olsen&Sons (Denmark) etc.

Our Pen as a simbol of engineer became a good reason to make a photo at our stand.