Beyond career stereotypes

Beyond career stereotypes

There are only a few universities in Russia which train students in foundry and metallurgy. Each specialized conference touches on the topic of lack of personnel. To find a skilled specialist in our sphere of production is a real problem.

We have a good practice to share experience and knowledge that we have with the growing generation. Every year we take students from Ural Federal University and give them an opportunity to try a real work by profession. On the photo you can see Artem Kanaev and his young learner. 

About a half of all students, that came to Ingetech in the summer between semesters, stays on part-time job after practice. 80% of graduates, who write a graduation work in Ingetech, stays to work in our company as engineer-technologist. Some of them leaves us after some time of work, and those who stays, grows with a company as professionals.

Erstwhile a small young collective became a team of professionals.

Alexander Prolubchshikov came to Ingetech after the forth course of study to find a part-time job. He started as a fitter and now he is a head of design and technological department.

Alexander Prolubchshikov (2012)

Artem Tamindarov stays in Ingetech when came to internship after the third course of study. Now he is a head of cnc machine department.

Artem Tamindatov (2014)

Evgeniy Potemkin came to the company to write a graduation work, and became an universal worker. He is able to substitute the fitter, designer and technologist.

Evgeniy Potemkin (2013)

People used to think that to be a succesful worker they need to move up the carrer ladder. But there is no such opportunity in small companies as our. The average seniority of employees in Ingetech is about six years. It means that people get in Ingetech something more than new higher position in the company.