Saving your money in our hands

Saving your money in our hands

In most cases we show in this blog our unusual projects. It is time to demonstrate a typical project. 

Input data:

  • Aluminium casting
  • Casting weight: 9.2 kg
  • Casting weight with pouring gate system: 20.5 kg
  • Sand casting
  • Seriality: 300 pieces/year 

Set of patterns and core boxes:

  • Core box 1 (lower part)
  • Core box 2 (middle part) 
  • Core box 3 (upper part)

The aim was to reduce the weight of core construction.

When our manager gets a request he expects and calculates a simple construction which guarantees getting quality casting. But this time the client set a task to optimize this set in order to reduce cost of casting. 

The engineer-designer of the project optimize it in the following way:

  • changing of the external shape of cores (Core box 1 and core box 2);

  • reducing the height of core box by adding the frame for the local molding of risers.

So our client saves 21 480 kilos of sand per year that equivalents 515 520 rubles. The cost of optimization pays off on 32 casting.

The conclusion is obvious: it is better to save money on materials than on engineering work.