Litmash 2020

Litmash 2020

According to coronavirus spread, travel restrictions, and self-isolation mode Litmash 2020 has been officially postponed for 2021.



St. Petersburg Technical Fair will be postponed because of pandemia in the world.

Invitation to St.Petersburg technical fair

This year we decided to expand into new region for us - Russian North-West. 

From 18 to 20 March we will take part in St.Petersburg Technical Fair (PTFiar) in St. Petersburg Expoforum. You have a unique opportunity to see the exhibits we show at GIFA (Dusseldorf). At our stand you can also deal with the only Russian pattern company which exhibited at that grand fair - with us. 


Corporate vacation is over. We get to work today - 5 August.

Fresh forces, new place - we are full of inspiration.