Spring birthdays

Last week two our colleagues become farthers. Two baby girls were born.

Our congratulation to Igor Gavrin and his wife with their first child Taisia.

And we also sincirely glad for Michail Antonov's second baby Nadezhda.

We wish health to newborn babies and patience to young parents!


Evgeniy Shatov's newborn son

Ingetech's team congratulate our colleague with the birth of third baby. We wish health to little Maxim and patience to young parents.


Evgeniy Potemkin's newborn daughter

The warmest congratulations to our technologist Evgeniy Potemkin and his wife! We wish health to the baby and young parents.


Birthday of "INGETECH"

Birthday of "INGETECH" This weekend team of "Ingetech" with friends of the company celebrated the Birthday of the firm. Some photoes are enclosed.

Ivan Klimov's newborn daughter

Ivan Klimov's newborn daughter

The company's team congratulates fitter Ivan Klimov (he is at the center) with the birth of  second daughter. This year, our guys are born only girls. According to the national sign - won´t be a  war! Congratulations to young parents! We wish you health!

Artem Kanaev's newborn daughter

Artem Kanaev's newborn daughter Chief Technologist Artem Kanaev reserves for his newborn daughter а picture frame on the wall of company's children. Congratulations to new parents with their first child! Good health!