Joint seminar

Joint seminar

This week we held a joint seminar with our partner "Uralchimplast Huttenes Albertus". Members of our companies meet each other on almost all metallurgical events in Russia and abroad. Mutual assistance is a part of our teamwork at client's factories. But in this cases we do not have opportunity to ask all questions, which fade into the background during the work.

To miantain technical communication we creat such seminar. The first similar meeting was 6 year ago. Since that time we accumulate enough experience and knowledge to share. 

Our friendship is a rare example of business relationship throughout 10 years. 

Keep on good tradition - football match at the end of the working day.

Some photoes you can find below. 


"Hold the door, you who walk first, if you really walk first" (Kasta, music band)

"Hold the door, you who walk first, if you really walk first" (Kasta, music band)

In the format of a mini-seminar and training before a big presentation at the global conference on Agile methods (https://agiledays.ru), our friend and client Nurmagomed Jafarov (Litmashdetal) gave a lecture for engineers of our company on visualization of information and material flows and increasing of their speed. Representatives of two more companies that visited us at that time, also successfully arrived at the lecture. We thank Nurmagomed and wish a successful presentation.


Everyone's Welcome

Everyone's Welcome The international meeting of colleagues, initiated by our suppliers SIKA-AXSON, was held on the site of our company.

Seminar "Kurtz die-casting machine"

Seminar "Kurtz die-casting machine" Chief engineer Alexander Prolubshchikov took part in seminar "How to make casting production more effective".

Foundry Consilium

Foundry Consilium 5-6/12/2013. Traditional Foundry Consilium took place in Chelyabinsk. We participated in this event. Post-release here.

Joint Seminar.

Joint Seminar. We held a joint workshop "Materials and equipment for the foundry industry" with friendly company "Uralchimplast-Hyuttenes-Albertus".


We took part in the Conference RAC HTS-2013 in the Tula and Caster's seminar on Ural Chamber of Commerce in Ekaterinburg in May.

Russian Association of Casters (RAC) jointly with regional office RAL  in Tula held conference XTC - 2013 in the city of Tula from 13 to 16 of May 2013. At the conference  were considered questions about the equipment, materials and technologies produce models and cores made ​of chemically-hardening mixtures for the production of castings of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The participants visited foundries of Tula region.

About the seminar in Yekaterinburg - http://www.uralcci.com/press-center/dfa/liteishiki/


Photo of the day. Seminar.

Photo of the day. Seminar. Seminar "Special aspects for operation model-core equipment" for employees' firm. Leader - specialist of casting foundry and engineer of company "INGETECH" Anatoly Mayorov.