Searching for design ingeneer

Searching for design ingeneer

The second year we start with opening a vacancy for team reinforcement. This is a good trend.

The gratest event of last year was relocation of our workshop and office. We had enough time to equip new place and establish business processes, now we can start a new round of growth. We need a specialist who can work in SolidWoks and have experience in casting or\and pattern making.

Send your curriculum vitae to sb@ingetech.ru


We start New Year with the opening a new vacancy

We start New Year with the opening a new vacancy

Our excellent team requires another design engineer with the knowledge of foundry/model production and SolidWorks for a permanent job. CVs are accepted at sb@ingetech.ru.

Ps. Vacancy was closed on 25.02.2019


Outside and inside view at the same time! The vacancy is still opened

Within the framework of the search for a customer manager, one good person served an internship in the company, with whom, unfortunately, we could not agree about further cooperation as a member of the team.However, we keep friends.That is why there will not be his contact details - take my word for it. His feedback about pastime is interesting. The style and manner of presentation were not adjusted, in order to pass his view better. “Wins fast, not “fat”. As part of an internship at Ingetech, I discovered a non-standard business approach based on the following aspects: Human relations to people. There are no business units, no buyers, and no suppliers in the literal sense of the word, but there are relationships that build up openly and honestly. Each employee at any time can address or call to the director, make a suggestion and they will be immediately considered, and a decision made.Customers, employees, suppliers, partners are friends and colleagues with whom they discuss not only working moments, but also very personal things. Product manufacture system, based on many years of experience, was built.Each employee, participating in the project, can find out at what stage the production is, what changes have been made, what needs to be done to effectively complete the cycle. There is no need for meetings that take a lot of time and often are not effective. "Transparent", open scheme of work with counterparties, based on mutual assistance and supportiveness. If you contact to Ingetech out of beat, they always advise with whom you can contact, what can be done. When there are complex tasks, partners of Ingetech come to help them. The main and key aspect that is put at the forefront is the unconditional quality of products. How scrupulously each element of the product is made, sometimes it seems superfluous, but this is Ingetech. The desire to obtain products of the highest quality, while working extremely to reduce the cost of the product and move beyond. In a difficult economic situation in the country, the leader will be the company that does a "transparent" business, has great experience and can quickly, without bureaucratic acrimony, restructure itself under the current situation.” This team needs a talented manager with foundry experience. CVs are accepted at sb@ingetech.ru.