Invitation to St.Petersburg technical fair

This year we decided to expand into new region for us - Russian North-West. 

From 18 to 20 March we will take part in St.Petersburg Technical Fair (PTFiar) in St. Petersburg Expoforum. You have a unique opportunity to see the exhibits we show at GIFA (Dusseldorf). At our stand you can also deal with the only Russian pattern company which exhibited at that grand fair - with us. 

Foundry Conference 2019

Foundry Conference 2019

Alexey Shlykov, Andrew Iskortsev, Sergey Bogushevich (from left ot right on the photo) took part in 12 Annual International Conference in Chelyabinsk.

This year the foundry mastership competition was held  a second time. Competitive tasks were worked out by Ingetech Ltd , DISA industries A/S, and Uralchimplast Hüttenes-Albertus jointly with World Skill expert Leonid Lapidus.

Short video about this competition you can watch here.

GIFA 2019. Pioneers

GIFA 2019. Pioneers

"Ingetech was created to make life better" (Sergey Bogushevich)

That is why we are pioneers in many things. And this time we were the first Russian manufacturer of patterns at GIFA. For us it was also the first international fair at which we exhibited.

Dynamic June 2019

Dynamic June 2019

June was as active as never before. While everyone celebrating national holiday we:

• Broke our record of shipment per day. Two wagons of our patters were sent to different corners of our country

• Our technologist Evgeniy Potemkin got Master of foundry science

• The other technologist Maksim Nesterov got married

• Our trainees – two students Evgeniy Gorbunov and Jess Tsumbu graduated from Ural Federal University and got Bachelor degree (on the photo with head of Electronic Engineering Department)

• We finally moved to the new building. Now workshop and office are under one roof

• The last but not the least is participation in GIFA exhibition in Duesseldorf.

 Follow the news in this blog! Auf Wiedersehen!

We are preparing for the GIFA exhibition

We are preparing for the GIFA exhibition

From June 25 to June 29, 2019, our company for the first time participates in the international foundry trade fair and the GIFA technology forum in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Attention to our customers - the exhibition organizers provide the possibility of one-day electronic tickets at the expense of the exhibitor. To do this, please send your contact details and e-mail to At the end of May you will receive a ticket to your e-mail.


Exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018, Istanbul

Exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018, Istanbul

The delegation of the Russian Foundry Association attended the exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018 in Istanbul. The scale of the event enormously surpasses our annual Moscow LITMASH. The number of equipment and materials, participating countries, the number of foundry companies with a large variety of castings. Everything is multiply larger and visual than we do! I am hurt for my country! It seems that according to statistics, the volume of foundry in Russia is higher than in Turkey; however, the expo gives the opposite impression. Do not know how to trade or consciously do not announce ourselves, sitting in our niches? Is the price of Moscow stands too high or traditional slovenliness? Will it ever be different and when?

Litmash 2018

Litmash 2018

Metallurgy-Litmash Russia 2018: Two trade fairs for metallurgy, foundry technology and castings in Moscow from 29th May to 1st June Metallurgy-Litmash – the two international trade fairs for metallurgical technology, metal products, foundry technology, accessories and castings – is one of the most important trading and contact platforms for the Russian market and the neighbouring countries. There is every reason for optimism in view of the general economic conditions. Gross fixed capital formation in Russia has been increasing again for three years now; up to the end of the third quarter of 2017, it amounted to EUR 149 billion and a forecast by GTAI (Germany Trade & Invest) indicates that growth ought to be continuing in the current calendar year too – by up to 3 per cent. The industry is therefore extremely positive about the future and the Russian market. A total of about 60 companies from 12 different countries – including Germany, China, India, Italy and the USA – will be presenting technologies for metal in all its forms – from the obtainment of raw materials to the installation and maintenance of metallurgical equipment, fully networked process technology, foundry technology and castings – during the four days of these trade fairs. More photoes here.




Sergey Bogushevich (on the left) visitied great international casting event which took place in Gandhinagar, India 10-12 January 2018.

Congress of foundrymen

Congress of foundrymen XIII International Congress of Foundrymen and exhibition were held in Chelyabinsk this year. Several photoes are attached.

Litmash - 2017

Litmash - 2017 5-8 June there was an Internation exhibition in Moscow. We took part in Litmash again as visitors. Several photoes are attached.

Foundry conference 2017

Foundry conference 2017 It was 10 anniversary of foundry conference which usually are hold in Chelyabinsk. Such grand event couldn't stay without our attention. More than 200 participants, 10 round tables, mounting questions and useful meetings.

Not in vain

Not in vain 6-9 June there was an exhibition Metallurgy-Litmash in Moscow. This year Sergey Bogushevich and Andrey Iskortsev took part in this event as visitors but not exhibitors as usual. Several photoes are attached.

Composite expo

Composite expo Parts, made by our company, designed the exhibit rack of our partner at Composite expo 2016 in Moscow.

Russian Expo Arms 2015

Russian Expo Arms 2015 Castings made with the help of our patterns were exhibited on the booth of our clients "UMZ" Ltd. at Russian Expo Arms in Nizhii Tagil 9-12 September.

Congress of foundrymen - 2015

Congress of foundrymen - 2015 On the photo (from the left side to the right) Sergey Bogushevich, Ivan Dibrov - President of Russian Assosiation of Foundrymen, and Valeriy Shantsev - governor of Nizhniy Novgorod on the exhibition Casting 2015. Details you can see below.



Last week our representatives visited the greatest exhibition in foundry industry, which was held in Dusseldorf.

Quartet of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST is carried once in 4 years. This year 78 000 visitors from 120 countries meet with 2 214 exhibitors in 11 halls of Messe Dusseldorf.

This event is the best place for acquaintance with innovations of metallurgy industry, broadening of our's professional outlook and improvement of skills. And we always making a bid for our deal better!


Our product on Rosmold in Moscow

Our product on Rosmold in Moscow

Our article become a perfect addition on the booth of Lasso company at exhibition in Moscow.

On the photo you can see the item designed and produces by our team from material Necuron (brown coloured block) and parts made from the rubber with the held of this mold.


Litmash 2015 in Moscow

Litmash 2015 in Moscow On previous week our company took part in exhibition Litmash 2015 in Moscow. At the booth of our partner "BMP Technology" we represented our technologic and engineering advances, we made a judicious selection of materials, and result - the casting. The casting and support was granted by our friend and partner "Litmashdetal".

Almost ready to the exhibition Litmash 2015

Almost ready to the exhibition Litmash 2015

We are finishing a project which will be exhibited in Moskow at Litmash-2015 (8-11 June). You can find us at display booth of our partners BMP Technology (booth № 7-4А02). 

We will be glad to see you there. Please contact Alina Poltavskaya (+7-922-17-999-18, to arrange a meeting.

Visit to the exhibition Fond-Ex 2014

Visit to the exhibition Fond-Ex 2014 Representatives of our company on the delegation of foundrymen have visited the International Foundry Fair FOND-EX which is traditionally held in Brno (the Czech Republic) since 1972. 

Business trip. Ankiros 2014

Business trip. Ankiros 2014 Members of our company accompanied with the Russian Assosiation of Foundrymen took part in the 12th International Iron-steel and Foundry Tehnology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair Ankiros/Annofer/Turcast 2014 which is usually hold ones in two years in Istanbul. Some photoes are enclosed.

Photo of the day. Exhibition

Photo of the day. Exhibition Our company took part in Litmash exhibition in Moscow 3-6 June 2014. We are greateful to our partner "BMP Technology" for cooperation and high quality of participation process in this event. We are also thankful to JSC "Litmashdetal" for the casting granted at the exhibition time. It is worth saying that it's one of the most difficult castings in our country for which we made model equipment. You can make sure of it here. Some photoes are enclosed.

Exhibition plans

Exhibition plans We are going to take part in Litmash-2014 exhibition in Moscow from 3 to 6 June. You have an opportunity to see exhibits made by our company on the stand of BMP-Technology. We would be happy to meet with our partners and potential clients in this period in case of planning the schedule in advance. Contacts of our representatives on this exhibition - Sergey Bogushevich and Andrew Iskortsev here.

European swimming .

European swimming . We got a brief photo report from our Czech friends about "swimming" of our swimmer at European exhibitions.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Our company took part in the XI Congress of the founders and exhibition CAST-2013 in Ekaterinburg on 17-19 September.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Our company took part in the exhibition LITMASH 2013 in Moscow, June 24-28. We hope that our core box and the new art objects are remembered. Short photo attached. Special thanks to the company "BMP-Technology" for complicity.


We are participating in the exhibition LITMASH 2013 in "Expocentre" in the Hall 3 in Moscow in 24-28 June. Examples of our production will be posted on the stands of companies - BMP-Chemical, Uralhimplast-Huettenes-Albertus, Delcam-Ural, Lasso. We will be happy to meet our current and potential partners and customers, who do not have desire to travel to Ekaterinburg. Thank you in advance for providing a schedule of meetings for a harmonious stay in Moscow and to give everyone enough time. Contacts of Sergey Bogushevich and Andrey Iskortsev are here.

Main masterpiece of metallurgical exhibition

Main masterpiece of metallurgical exhibition Metallurgy. Litmash 2012, the industrial international exhibition devoted to metallurgy, has just ended at Moscow’s Expocenter. And although the company Artec did not officially take part, its 3D scanners shone at several display stands. To begin with, everyone could see demonstrations of the scanners at the stand of Artec’s authorized re-seller in Russia, Delcam-Ural. But visitors also had the opportunity to see actual applications of the scanners in real life. For example, the Yekaterinburg company, Ingetech, adorned its stand with a statute of a diver swimming in sand