Patterns for railway industry

Patterns for railway industry The typical patterns for railway industry on the photos.

Saving your money in our hands

Saving your money in our hands

In most cases we show in this blog our unusual projects. It is time to demonstrate a typical project. 

Input data:

  • Aluminium casting
  • Casting weight: 9.2 kg
  • Casting weight with pouring gate system: 20.5 kg
  • Sand casting
  • Seriality: 300 pieces/year 

Set of patterns and core boxes:

  • Core box 1 (lower part)
  • Core box 2 (middle part) 
  • Core box 3 (upper part)

The aim was to reduce the weight of core construction. More information here.

Part of machine-tool construction

Part of machine-tool construction We help Russian machine-tool construction. Recently we have manufactured and dispatched plywood pattern for production of frame. Some pfotoes are attached below.

One year ago

One year ago We are growing with our clients. When we were preparing for the shipment of plywood patters for making isolating valves we recall the similar project of the previous year. Comparative photoes are attached.